"Well - Known Editing Symbols"

Text here to ecplain


What in my life needs to be deleted ... removed from my being, thoughts, relationships, physical surroundings, workplace?


What might I need to insert into my life? To add or be more of to accomplish my goals, complete the unfinished or begin a new trajectory.

Close Space

What chapters need to be closed or accepted? By closing this space what room is left open for more divinity, joy and adventure to enter?

New Paragraph

What do you want to invite into your life by finishing off the last paragraph and starting a new thought? In writing, a paragraph deals with a single theme and intention. What will your new paragraph be about?

Upper Casr

What do I need to capitalize or accentuate that is or has not been given its proper importance. Capitalized words are proper nouns and items denoting importance.

Add Space

Where do I need to add space within my life so new beliefs and practices can enter? Where have I written run on sentences in my life and not paused? The gap between current reality and your goals is the space where coaching works. Pause and add space.

Transpose Letters

What things need inversion, are backwards in my life? How can I transpose portions of my life or lifestyle to shake up the order, or simply hit delete.

Spell Check

Check the facts! Then Introduce radical acceptance of things you cannot change. Check your limiting beliefs. Are there misspellings in your life? Some words sound the same, and when spelled differently change the meaning.