Marsha changed my life in so many ways and I can never thank her enough. I started working with her about a year ago after struggling to move forward in my life as a result of trauma. I was not able to see a future for myself, and just felt so stuck in every aspect of my life. With a balance of active listening, a lot of patience, and insight, Marsha was able to guide me through the coaching process. She always asked the right questions and has a wonderful ability to make you feel so safe, even when the topics are so hard to talk about. ​
Today, I stand more confident, fulfilled and able to break old patterns. I know I am just getting started on this journey, but because of our work together, I see the world in a new way. I feel empowered to take charge of my life and what a beautiful feeling that is. Thank you so much Marsha from the bottom of my heart – the results I had from our sessions are undeniable.

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